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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Big Data at High Speed: Complex Event Processing at 10x

Duration: 60 minutes

Complex Event Processing. Stream Processing. Stream Computing. Event Stream Processing. Whatever it's called, you're receiving messages, events and records from so many systems, in such a short time window, it's impossible to look at them all. And while historic forensic analysis is wonderful, you need the ability to parse all the messages in real time, perform real time correlations to more quickly predict trends and take action before disasters occur.

IBM InfoSphere Streams can easily handle millions of events per second, and perform complex correlations. Support for data mining scoring using industry standard Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) and other algorithms makes it even easier to perform predictive analytics. Streams ability to handle unstructured data allows customers to analyze not only the text, but create new events based on video, audio or other unstructured data analytics. Come learn about the Streams Log Analysis Benchmark, which offers tools to help customers get started with real time analytic processing of log messages.

Featured Speaker

Roger C. Rea,
InfoSphere Streams Product Manager, IBM


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