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A Wall Street & Technology Webcast:

The Business Case for Replacing Legacy Accounting Systems

Duration: 60 Minutes

30% of buy-side respondents state it will take days or weeks to generate a report calculating their firm's exposure across all holdings. 56% admit they are not confident in the accuracy of their accounting systems.

Why do these statistics matter?

If investment managers are unable to calculate their exposure in real-time, how will they mitigate losses in the event of a default such as in the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers? Additionally, if the buy-side has zero confidence in the accuracy of their accounting systems how can they ensure correct valuations and accurate stakeholder reports? How can investment managers inspire investor confidence if their book of business is administered on out-of-date systems?

In this 60 minute webinar, gain insight on:

  • The negative impact of legacy accounting systems on time-to-market for new products and new market entry
  • The operational risks and costs associated with outdated record-keeping systems
  • Market dynamics such as regulatory reform and the Euro currency crisis that will mandate technology platform changes
  • How to build the business case to justify technology improvements in the back office


David Kubersky, Managing Director, SimCorp North America

Featured Speakers:

  • Sean Owens, Director, Fixed Income, Woodbine Associates, Inc.
  • Sevgi Eason, Sales Manager, SimCorp North America


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