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10:00 AM
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10:30 AM – 11:15 AM
Big Data Analytics: The Decision Revolution
The big-data revolution is about taking advantage of information like never before, blending old and new data sources with unprecedented scale, variety, complexity, and speed. Tapping sensor data, server and system log files, Internet click streams, and social-network feeds, organizations are gaining deeper insight and unlocking new business opportunities. This webcast will explore new technologies and analytic approaches that are driving faster decisions and forward-looking predictive actions. We'll also examine the science of machine learning, wherein analysts use the data, rather than hunches, to drive the analysis and decision-making.

Speaker: Doug Henschen, Executive Editor, InformationWeek; Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Software - Enterprise Solutions, Ovum
Moderator: Steve Kovsky, Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

11:30 PM - 12:15 PM
HP Enterprise Security Platinum Sponsor Feature Presentation: Detecting Fraud in a Big Data World
This session will address tools, techniques, and technologies that can be used to detect fraud in today's business and threat environments. It will discuss a converged approach to fraud that combines traditional security threat monitoring with business transaction monitoring to optimize early detection and prevention.

Speaker: Morris Hicks, Senior Director, Solutions Engineering, HP ESP Global Services
Moderator: Steve Kovsky, Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
How To Pick The Right Platforms For Big Data
Which technologies and infrastructure choices for big data are gaining adoption and why? This webcast will explore evolution of analytics architectures, the revolution in platforms such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases, and changes resulting in storage media infrastructure. A common theme is the use of high-powered distributed processing, but there are differences in the variety and velocity of data that different platforms can handle and the types of analyses they can support. We'll connect platform choices with real-world deployment scenarios.

Speaker: Michael Biddick, CEO, Fusion PPT and an InformationWeek Reports Contributor
Moderator: Art Wittmann, Director, InformationWeek Reports

1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
SAS Platinum Sponsor Feature Presentation: Hadoop as a Business Analytics Enabler
Okay, we've got the data warehouse infrastructure, distributed file systems, a database and plentiful CPU cycles. So what's most needed by those still unable to find big value from big data? Analytics! While some well-resourced organizations can simply throw technical talent at uncovering the value in their Big Data, other users struggle to find analytic technology that takes full advantage of the richness and scale of the Hadoop ecosystem. Several examples of what is required for problem solving on such a massive scale are:

  • Data Visualization of massive datasets. A billion points in a scatterplot isn't very useful if you don't have a billion pixels on your display. (hint: you probably don't)
  • Supervised variable selection over a decades' worth of data with 30-60,000 attributes. For example, financial service organizations have typically been constrained to 3-5 years and fewer than 5,000 attributes.
  • Mobile operators are capable of generating massive datasets from the switch-level diagnostic logging capabilities of modern 4g wireless infrastructure. What can we learn from this dataset looking for early warning signals of conditions that lead to unhappy customers?
  • Insurers are looking at telematics datasets generated when customers opt-in for measurement with the promise of driver-specific insurance rates correlated to safe (or unsafe) driving patterns as shown in the sensor data.

In this session, Paul Kent, Vice President of Big Data at SAS, will show examples of how members of the Hadoop community can provide their enterprises with critical insight from Big Data assets. A strong customer advocate, Paul is widely recognized within the SAS technology community and known for his leadership role at numerous international conferences.

Speaker: Paul Kent, Vice President of Big Data, SAS
Moderator: Beth Schultz, Editor in Chief, All Analytics

2:30 PM – 3:15 PM
Big Data Decisions: Beyond Digital Marketing
Big data isn't just the domain of Internet giants serving up banner ads, up-sell offers, and e-mail campaigns. It's an increasingly mainstream business trend that's making an impact in areas as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, insurance, and government. In this webcast, we will talk to three practitioners who are putting big data to work in the real world, exploring the new data types, new platforms, and new skills they've had to develop along the way. It's an opportunity to learn from big-data pioneers.

Speaker: Brian Courtney, General Manager, Operations Data Management (ODM), General Electric; Drew Hylbert, Engineering Director, Opower; Daniel Weitzenfeld, Director of Analytics, 5ivepoints
Moderator: Doug Henschen, Executive Editor, InformationWeek

3:30 PM – 4:15 PM
Autonomy Platinum Sponsor Feature Presentation: Make Your Big Data Clever
Big Data is everywhere, but it is more than just an extreme volume of information; it is also varied, growing quickly and complex. Big Data only becomes truly powerful when all data is understood, including structured and unstructured data. You can only realize the business value of Big Data when you are able to understand 100% of Big Data. Join this session to learn more about Big Data and the technologies around it, including IDOL, Vertica, HANA and Hadoop.

Speaker: Walter Perez, Vice President, Retrieval Technologies, Autonomy
Moderator: Paul Korzeniowski, Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

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