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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Entering the Scrum: Taking the First Steps on Your Agile Journey

Duration: 60 minutes

Until recently, the concept of an "Agile Enterprise" might have been dismissed as an oxymoron, but the idea is gaining traction among IT professionals in large organizations. Agile practices can allow enterprise-scale companies to essentially reinvent themselves from the inside out, by leveraging a highly iterative and collaborative development process and project management approach designed to dramatically increase the speed of innovation.

However, teams seeking to adopt Agile practices often find themselves challenged by a variety of risk factors that can inhibit their progress and potentially sabotage results.

These factors include:

  • Embarking on an Agile initiative too early, or without sufficient planning and preparation
  • Internal resistance from team members who are hesitant to switch over from traditional practices
  • Lack of transparency and project visibility to keep management, team members and stakeholders on the same page
  • Inability to unify teams that are using disparate commercial and open source tools

In this live webcast, industry experts and InformationWeek editors will discuss proven best practices for implementing an Agile initiative that provides fast, positive results, while providing maximum visibility and accountability. Tune in and find out why a growing number of world-class companies are discovering that the "Agile Enterprise" is no longer a contradiction in terms.

Featured Speakers

Steve Kovsky,
Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

Armond Mehrabian,
Founder and President,
Portofino Solutions, Inc


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