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Featured Speakers:
  • Mark Bermingham,  Senior Product Marketing Manager, Kaspersky Lab

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Virtualization: Reduce Risk and Improve Business Productivity

    Duration: 60 minutes

    In today's business climate, organizations are looking to drive greater efficiency, productivity, competitiveness, and profitability from operations. New technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing enable companies to achieve these results. While virtualization offers an opportunity for greater IT efficiency, traditional security measures can weigh down the infrastructure and potentially impede return-on-investment.

    At the same time that virtualization is becoming a standard practice, the security of those virtualized environments is lagging behind. In fact, security threats, particularly from malware, are greater than ever before. Many businesses undercut the inherent benefits of virtualization when they fail to properly implement anti-malware solutions to protect from data loss and cybercrime.

    Attend this webinar, and learn about:

    • Delivering a comprehensive, unified management platform for both physical and virtual computing environments
    • Implementing an agentless system that delivers anti-malware protection without draining resources
    • Harnessing the benefits of virtualization


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