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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Moving to the Cloud: Three Key Decision Factors for Mid-Market Companies

60 minutes

Mid-market companies face tremendous challenges. They have to be agile and nimble to win against larger competitors, but also struggle with tight budgets and limited internal resources. For them, cloud computing holds tremendous promise. It can be the great leveller, destroying barriers to entry and levelling the playing field while making their organizations more efficient.

So how should mid-market companies best make the transition to on-demand computing? With a daunting array of options, and too much to choose from, what role should private, public and hybrid cloud models play in your IT strategy? How can you best navigate the growing array of cloud sourcing options?

This exclusive InformationWeek webcast, led by industry veteran Alistair Croll—whose straight-shooting, no-nonsense approach to the cloud cuts through the hype to the real issues that face IT decision-makers today—will help you get answers to these critical questions.

Alistair will look at the opportunity that on-demand computing presents to mid-market companies, and offer a clear-cut, pragmatic approach to planning out your cloud strategy. He'll debunk a few myths. And he'll reveal three key parameters—capacity, cost and compliance—that should be the basis for mid-market IT roadmaps.

This interactive webcast offers you a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn how to make the most of your IT spending in a cloud computing era
  • Better understand the implications of on-demand access to compute resources
  • Get expert answers to your top questions about cloud provisioning and application deployment

Cloud computing is a once-in-a-generation chink in the armor of larger, better-funded competitors. If you want to make sure your company takes full advantage of it to improve the way it works and get the jump on your market, don't miss this informative, no-holds-barred one-hour webcast.

Register to reserve your spot today!

Featured Speakers:

Alistair Croll,
Founder, Bitcurrent

Lenny Liebmann,
Contributing Editor, InformationWeek


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