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  • Jason Masterman,  GM, Portals and Collaborations Practice, Neudesic
  • Larry Seltzer,  Editorial Director, BYTE
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    A BYTE Webcast:

    The Role of SharePoint in Enterprise Social Networking

    Duration: 60 minutes

    SharePoint is well known for its document management, content management, records management and search capabilities, but what about its Enterprise Social capabilities? Enterprise Social collapses organizational hierarchies and provides better insight into the company as a whole. Enterprise social is a move towards leveraging externally available concepts and ideas that improve collaboration for business benefit. These benefits include more effective teaming, better corporate transparency, faster sharing of information and gathering of knowledge. Though many people today are stuck mentally on the term 'social' and can't get past the term to realize the benefit, the organizations that get it are quickly moving ahead of their competition.

    What to Expect:

    • Where should Enterprise Social software live?
    • If you have SharePoint does 'Social' have to live in SharePoint?
    • What about other platforms besides SharePoint? Should social software extend platform boundaries?
    • Learn what SharePoint Server 2010 out of the box enterprise social capabilities are and where they fall short
    • Learn how to extend and enhance SharePoint's social capabilities to support more modern scenarios
    • Learn how to leverage the benefits of Enterprise Social outside the confines of a SharePoint only world
    • Look at roadmap for how to drive adoption of social in your organization


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