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Featured Speakers:
  • Ericka Chickowski,  Contributing Editor, Dark Reading
  • John Sawyer,  Senior Security Analyst, InGuardians
  • Brennan O'Hara,  Security Solutions Manager, NetIQ
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    An InformationWeek and Dark Reading Live Webcast:

    Getting a Fix On Your Security Posture: What Your Logs Aren't Telling You

    Duration: 60 minutes

    At some point, every IT security manager must answer that dreaded question: Are we secure? Corporate executives want data on the cyber security posture of the organization, but providing accurate and timely security information is no simple matter. In this webinar, we offer some tips, tricks and best practices for analyzing system and security log and event data to provide an overall view of the “state of security” of a typical enterprise. You'll get insights on some of the key functions of security monitoring:

    • How to use log and security event data to monitor your compliance with regulatory guidelines such as PCI or HIPAA
    • How to analyze this data to detect new and/or previously-unseen threats in your network
    • How to prevent employees or other insiders from compromising or stealing corporate information
    • How to build an overall “dashboard” of the enterprise's security posture that even top executives can understand

    Attendees will leave the session with a better understanding of how log and security event information can be harvested and used to identify and mitigate threats before serious damage can be done. They will also get some tips on how to build reports and metrics that help to measure overall security posture.


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