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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:

Application Vulnerability Management: Practical Tips for Reducing Risk

Duration: 60 Minutes

With advancements in application scanning tools, professional software development teams are becoming proficient at finding security vulnerabilities in their business- and mission-critical software; however, they often struggle with how to manage, fix and prevent vulnerabilities from recurring.

A good vulnerability management program includes tools, manual techniques, a security defect classification system and, most importantly, the knowledge to remediate vulnerabilities quickly and accurately. Attend this webinar to learn how to effectively combine these components and build more secure software with each release.

Topics Covered:

  • Combining tools (dynamic & static analysis) with manual techniques
    • Focusing on hot spots using Threat Modeling
    • Making tools more effective
    • Managing analysis results - separating the wheat from the chafe
  • Risk-ranking vulnerabilities and defect classification system
    • Prioritizing and classifying security vulnerabilities
    • Bridging application security and risk management
  • Remediation and tracking
    • Closed-loop defect management
    • Moving from a "Find and Fix" to a "Secure at the Source" approach.

Featured Speakers
Gwyn Fisher,
 Chief Technology Officer, Klocwork

Jason Taylor, Chief Technology Officer, Security Innovation


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