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Featured Speakers:
  • Matt Dollus,  Director, Solutions Integration, Lexmark International
  • Karen Bannan,  Contributing Editor, InformationWeek

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Onboarding in Retail: Lots of paperwork -- but lots of potential, too.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Every new hire is a new opportunity to grow your retail store sales. Smart retailers, however, know that there’s more to staffing than just adding names to the work schedule. Stores that find the best talent, bring them onboard quickly, and make a significant investment in brand training, are those who are winning the battle for shoppers’ hearts and wallets.

    In this webinar hosted by Lexmark International’s Matt Dollus, director of solutions integration, and InformationWeek contributing editor Karen J. Bannan, you will find out why distributed, intelligent systems are more effective than centralized ones for getting new hires into your HRIS system and productive as quickly as possible, while freeing your hiring managers for more meaningful work.

    Also in this webinar:

    • Why retailers are overrun with paper and how it impacts them
    • How automation can help retailers become more profitable - and make better hires
    • How current approaches aren’t working for retailers
    • How cost, IT integration, compliance, and security risks affect the need for retailers to automate
    • Why distributed intelligent capture helps eliminate manual processes and reduce errors
    • Why enterprise content management software enables collaboration, workflow, secure repository, and retention policy management


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