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An InformationWeek Government Webcast:

What Enterprise Modernization Means to Your Agency

Duration: 60 minutes

Agencies of the US government are under a mandate to modernize, rationalize, simplify and reduce redundancy in their enterprise computing environments. This means that agencies must upgrade their data systems and their enterprise software while reducing costs. In many cases this means combining data centers, acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, software and best practices with the long term goal of reducing the cost of government IT while making it more effective, responsive and efficient.

But modernization is a long-term project that requires planning and expertise in systems engineering, enterprise level integration and deep knowledge of government infrastructure. It means more than just buying new data center hardware, and more than just software upgrades. Full enterprise modernization should result in a solution that's better, faster and cheaper, while still providing internal customers more functionality and higher reliability.

This webcast will explain how agencies and the companies they work with need to approach the critical stages that come before and during a modernization effort:

  • Outlining the scope of the modernization, including what systems should be combined, where the modernization should take place, what the new architecture should look like when complete.
  • Performing the economic analysis of the modernization project, including potential pitfalls for cost overruns and work delays.
  • Creating the initial project plan, including major steps, interim completion dates, target dates for major milestones, and the planned completion date.
  • Creating a procurement plan for fiscal approval of the project based on realistic analysis.
  • Selecting a vendor / partner for overall management of the project and providing guidance for selection of subcontractors.
  • Implementing an oversight process to help ensure that work is accomplished according to specifications, milestones are met, and that changes are kept under control.

The only way to be successful in an enterprise modernization project in the government at any level is to plan and to find a partner with deep experience in your specific agency's operations. This webcast will help illustrate how to make that happen.

Featured Speakers


Wayne Rash
Wayne Rash,
President, WR&A


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Rick Slade,
Executive Consultant, Rational Software,


Andrew Sykes
Andrew Sykes
Rational Enterprise Modernization US and Canada Business Leader, IBM


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