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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Three Proven Ways to Cut Time, Money, and Complexity in Your Application Infrastructure

30 minutes

In this 1st webcast of the series, See how IBM Partner Cerner applied technology to improve their business, which is constantly being squeezed for Time & Money, and manage their business with LESS Complexity.

During this 30-minute webcast you'll learn:

  • The What: Learn how Cerner used WebSphere Application Server 8.5's Liberty Profile to gain time back while saving money and reducing complexity. Cerner utilized the fast and flexible Liberty profile to quickly develop and evaluate a new smart medical device monitoring application at four of its facilities. These monitors published hundreds of data events per minute over a wireless network connected to a set of critical alarm services running in the Liberty Profile. While in trial, the Liberty profile delivered enhanced developer productivity along with a high degree of data integrity and security traditionally provided by WebSphere Application Server…ultimately improving patient care and safety while reducing development costs.
  • The Why: Learning from other customers helps understand the real value gained
  • The Who: The customers who are actually executing now
  • The How: How they got started and how you can to
  • The Where: Where to go for more information

Who should attend? If your IT organization is constantly being pressed to do more with less, you should find value in this series. Key stakeholders: Operations managers, enterprise architects, developers, and IT managers.

Join us for the next 30 min webcasts in the series:

  • Saving Way 2: August 14, 2012 - Using IBM Workload Deployer at Rational to gain efficiency

    Learn how the Product Development Test team at Rational implemented IBM Workload Deployer (IWD) to reduce test deployment costs by 90% with plans to save 2.3 million per year within Test Organizations alone by automating deployments.
  • IWD has allowed Test Teams to drastically improve their end to end test cycles, shorten regressions, and increase quality of product earlier in releases due to the latter improvements. Before IWD, the IBM team needed 16 hours of manual set up for install time, setup, configuration editing, file moving of firewalls, databases, and application servers, With IWD, the entire virtual system pattern implementation takes only 45 minutes to enter a password for the instance, build the tester requirements and you have the same system you struggled with before minus all the pain.

  • Saving Way 3: August 21, 2012 - Caching to save time and money at Sprint

    Learn how Sprint is using caching to reduce the amount of time a Web service call takes, thereby improving response time to the customer and gaining loyalty resulting in improved sales and customer satisfaction.

    Join this webcast and hear how Sprint uses IBM's DataPower technology in many critical areas including Enterprise Service Bus and external partner integration systems. Recently Sprint deployed DataPower XC10 Caching Appliances as a side cache to an existing deployment of DataPower XI50. Results showed significant reduction in the load on the back end systems by eliminating redundant requests to the back ends, improving response tie to the clients and increasing total system throughput. In the evaluation, Sprint saw a 76% improvement in API time performance. Listen to this webcast and learn how IBM can help you improve your response times and customer satisfaction as well.


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