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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast:

Embedding the Enterprise with Liberty Profile: A lightweight server in the palm of your hands

60 minutes

What do you get when you cross an IBM DE, WebSphere Application Server, a Raspberry Pi and IBM’s Simon Maple? A Raspberry Pi running a lightweight application server controlling a house, 80km away, on the Isle of Wight! Join this special live webcast to see a demo of how a Raspberry Pi, Eclipse Paho, and the OSGi based Liberty profile can be used together to switch the lights on and off on a house on another island. Simon will be talking about and using the lightweight Liberty Profile, MQTT, RSMB (Really Small Message Broker) and a Raspberry Pi, as well as showing how the Liberty Profile can even run on a mobile phone.

Viewers of this live video webcast will:

  • See firsthand how lightweight the IBM’s Liberty Profile is and how it can run on limited hardware.
  • Learn more about the composable Liberty server runtime and how this produces an amazingly fast and small footprint of Liberty
  • See how dynamic the new Liberty server is and how this can directly improve developer productivity

Attend and see what's likely to be the smallest computer the WebSphere Application Server has *ever* run on in the world, for your own eyes!

Featured Speaker:

Simon Maple,
Technical Evangelist,
IBM United Kingdom


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