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Featured Speakers:
  • Greg MacSweeney,  Editor-in-Chief, Wall Street & Technology, InformationWeek Financial Services
  • Marc Staimer,  President, Dragon Slayer Consulting
  • Rob Callaghan,  Principal Technical Marketing Manager - Flash Storage and Caching Products, LSI
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    An InformationWeek Financial Service Webcast:

    Managing the Data Deluge: The Pros and Pitfalls of Solid-State Storage

    Duration: 60 minutes

    As databases continue to expand at an exponential rate, financial organizations are challenged to find ways to efficiently analyze the data in a timely manner. With no end in the proliferation of data, how can firms use all of the data in their data warehouses? Just storing the data doesn't provide any value. Analyzing the data for better customer service, new products or to respond to regulatory queries is how firms can get more value from their data. But given all of the business challenges, how can IT organizations respond to the data analytics needs from various business units without adding massive amounts of CPU processing power?

    Topics discussed in this webinar include:

    • How can solid-state storage improve improve analytics?
    • Data's explosive growth and what it means to financial firms
    • Improving and expanding financial analysis while keeping technology costs in check 

    If you belong to a financial services organization, register for this live webcast specifically tailored to help your company emerge from the data deluge.


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