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  Turn FATCA and Compliance into a Business Opportunity

Duration: 60 minutes

Financial services organizations still have time to implement a successful and sustainable Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) solution given the timing:

  • Requirements concerning onboarding and account opening processes have to be in place by July 1, 2013
  • Requirements regarding existing clients, transaction screening and tax withholding on payments have to be implemented next

Join IBM FATCA and Compliance experts, Francis Friedlander and Robert Golladay, to learn not only how to survive FATCA but how to use the business and technical capabilities required to turn FATCA compliance to your advantage going forward.

  • Learn about the six challenges you face with FATCA
  • Learn why an iterative approach, involving rules, processes, data management and integration is needed to manage the impact of FATCA
  • See why business rules is the critical enabling technology for managing FATCA and turning it into a business advantage

Complying with FATCA is challenging and could require considerable adaptation of your business policies, processes and systems, including those related to: client identification and documentation, reporting, and customer relationship management. Attend this webcast to learn how to turn your FATCA compliance investment into an ongoing business advantage.

Who should attend? Anyone managing or responsible for a FATCA project (e.g., Chief Compliance Officers; VPs, Directors, Managers of Compliance and/or Risk).

Featured Speakers:

Francis Friedlander

Francis Friedlander PhD,
Consultant, Decision Management and Business Rules
IBM Corporation

Robert Golladay

Robert Golladay,
BPM Leader,
IBM Software Group

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