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Featured Speakers:
  • Ivy Schmerken,  Editor-at-large for Wall Street & Technology
  • Dushyant Shahrawat,  Senior Analyst at TowerGroup
  • Stuart Grant,  EMEA Business Development Manager - Financial Services SAP
  • Manoj Narang,  Founder of Tradeworx, Inc.

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    An Wall Street & Technology Webcast:

    HFT Under Attack: Using Big Data to Find New Trading Correlations and Opportunities

    Duration: 60 minutes

    High Frequency Trading Under Attack: Using Big Data to Find New Trading Correlations and Opportunities

    High-frequency trading (HFT) has been in the spotlight recently as market participants have debated the value of HFT for investors. While only a certain number of players compete at the ultra-low latency level, many other players are taking advantage of technologies utilizing models and strategies that leverage new data sets as well as more types of information. For instance, many firms are using Big Data technologies, coupled with complex event processing (CEP) and in-memory data analytics engines to uncover new trading opportunities. Big Data, which collects and brings in various newer types of data such as mobile tracking data and web search histories, can help traders and portfolio managers uncover the next trend or up and coming company. But how can market participants take advantage of Big Data without increasing latency or breaking the bank. Join Ivy Schmerken, editor-at-large for Wall Street & Technology, Dushyant Shahrawat, senior analyst at TowerGroup, and SAP/Sybase for an editorial webcast that will focus on the opportunities when it comes using Big Data in a trading strategy.


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