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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Transforming the Energy and Utility Industry with Big Data from Smart Grids

Duration: 60 minutes

Battelle is leading the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project which is the largest initiative of its kind in the United States.  This project uses an incentive-based approach to facilitate the integration of renewable energy resources and improve system efficiency by relaying information about demand and cost of delivering energy to responsive assets in the power system.  The volumes of data to be collected during this project call for a robust big data infrastructure that can handle two-way data flow of smart grid supply and demand data.

Join this webinar featuring Dr. Ronald Melton, Project Director, Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project to:

  • Understand how Battelle will use IBM's Smarter Analytics software, hardware, and consulting expertise to build a scalable solution to process and analyze the high volume of technical data coming from this smart grid research activity.
  • Learn real benefits of smart grid solutions, including how they enable utilities to avoid a peak demand charges and manage loads such as home water heaters during peak periods.

Featured Speakers:

Bill Zanine
VP and GM
Big Data Analytic Solutions,

Ronald Melton,
Project Director,
Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project,
Battelle / Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


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