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Featured Speakers:
  • Jeff Kibler,  Community Manager, Infobright
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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Selecting the Right Database for the Right Problem: A User’s Guide to Row, Columnar, NewSQL and NoSQL

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Structured or unstructured? Billions of new rows or billions of updates? Sometimes it seems like you need a crystal ball to figure out which technology to use in the face of today’s exploding, fast-changing data requirements.

    As big data gets bigger-especially machine-generated data such as web data, network logs and telecom records-IT and business users alike are finding that traditional database analytics can't cope with the volume, causing slow reports or the need to analyze less data at any one time.

    Columnar, NoSQL, NewSQL and Hadoop are the hot new technologies that are helping companies manage their big data challenges. This webinar will demystify this world, outlining the analytics challenges posed by machine-generated data and giving an overview of the best use cases for these new technologies. You will learn:

    • Background of row-oriented databases
    • Evolution of columnar and NoSQL
    • Columnar use cases and overview of Infobright technology
    • Types of NoSQL databases and appropriate uses
    • Emergence of Hadoop/HDFS as a complementary file system


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