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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Smarter Commerce: The Midmarket Solution for a Customer-Centric World

Duration: 60 minutes

Commerce for small and midsized businesses is undergoing a dramatic transformation. Yesterday's simple buyer-seller relationships are being quickly replaced by today's complex interactions and relationships. Customers are being empowered by technology and transparency. They expect to engage with companies when and how they want, through physical, digital and mobile means. They want a consistent experience between all buying channels. They compare notes and instantly share. And they can champion a brand – or sully a reputation – with the click of a mouse.

Customer expectation is soaring at the same time that global supply chains have become increasingly interconnected and complex. Small and medium businesses have never had to work harder to keep those customers happy.

To make the shift into today's customer-centric world, midsized companies will need to:

  • Understand and anticipate customer behavior by listening to their customers and turning insight into action. It's not about predicting, but reacting.
  • Adapt their supply chain based on customer demand, then orchestrate seamlessly among trading partners and suppliers.
  • Market, sell and fulfill the right product and service – at the right price, right time and right place.
  • Service their customers flawlessly, and learn from their behavior to predict and take action.

Join this InformationWeek webcast to learn:

  • How today's connected customers are interacting with the small and midsized companies in new ways – and what that means for the companies they buy from
  • What small and midsized companies need to do to transform themselves for this new, customer-centric world
  • How smarter commerce enables companies to synchronize interactions across the value chain needed to deliver their product or service.

Are you ready to dramatically improve the way you interact with and sell to today's connected consumers? Register today!

Featured Speakers

Laurie McCabe,
Co-founder and Partner,
SMB Group

Joel Reed,
Product Line Executive Director for B2B and Commerce,

Peter Krass,
Contributing Editor,


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