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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Applying analytics to optimize marketing effectiveness

Duration: 60 minutes

Marketing officers at midsized businesses today face several rapidly evolving challenges. Their customers can now shop around the globe, discover more than ever before about the organizations they deal with, and share their views with thousands, even millions, of their fellow customers – all from the convenience of their computers and mobile devices. Expectations among consumers, citizens and business customers alike are soaring. And these expectations can make or break brands overnight.

To succeed in this new, fast-paced environment, proactive Chief Marketing Officers need to understand not only markets, but also individuals. With customer intimacy the new mandate, marketing's focus has shifted to relationships – not just transactions. CMOs, armed with data, are now working to both stimulate interest in their organizations' offerings and form bonds with their most valuable customers.

Yet for this type of marketing, delivering a solid return on investment (ROI) remains a serious challenge. In part, this is because the measures used to evaluate marketing success are themselves changing. And while many CMOs believe that return on marketing investment will be the main measure of their success, proving that value is surprisingly difficult.

The way forward for CMOs involves delivering value to empowered customers, fostering lasting connections with customers, and capturing value by measuring results. While these steps may be challenging, new technology-based tools can help.

Join this InformationWeek webcast, and you will learn:
  • Actionable highlights from IBM's latest report for Chief Marketing Officers, based on face-to-face conversations with more than 1,700 CMOs in 19 industries and 64 countries.
  • How your role as a marketing officer is expanding once again. As the digital revolution renders yesterday's practices obsolete, CMOs must get fit for the future.
  • How you can harness new technologies – including big data, mobile applications and social media – to transform the way your organization connects, and stays connected, with customers.
  • How you can get started with marketing analytics that move your organization from stretched to strengthened. You will experience first-hand an executive dashboard that runs on your desktop and provides guidance and early detection across five core areas: opportunities, competition, product lifecycle, pricing and demand generation. As a result, you will be able to independently modify and customize the dashboard, and begin to experience the value of analytics for yourself.

Please note, this webcast is intended for marketing analysts, product managers, marketing managers (including CMOs), and line-of-business managers at midmarket companies worldwide.


Featured Speakers:

Dan Potter
Dan Potter,
Product Marketing,
Business Analytics,
Cognos Software,

Brendan Grady
Brendan Grady,
Market Segment Manager, Cross
Portfolio Marketing

Peter Krass,
Contributing Editor, InformationWeek



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