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Featured Speakers:
  • Anthony O'Donnell,  Executive Editor, Insurance & Technology
  • Keith Gage,  Vice President, Capgemini Financial Services
  • James McCully,  Product Marketing Manager, Guidewire
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    A Insurance & Technology Webcast:

    Terms of Transformation: Rethinking Core Policy System Replacement

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Decades of experience have made insurers wary of legacy policy administration replacement initiatives due to highly publicized failures. In recent years modern rules-and-tools systems have gone a long way toward mitigating the risks associated with traditional, monolithic systems while providing increased flexibility and product speed-to-market. Nevertheless, insurers continue to struggle to separate hype from reality in vendor promises and to make sense of an emerging range of options, from best-of-breed and componentized suites to emerging cloud-based delivery options. In order to be able to make a compelling business case today, insurance executives must not only understand the merits of available solution options and implementation approaches, but also think more in terms of business, rather than technology, transformation as enabled through the construction of a holistic technology environment.

    Join Insurance & Technology, Capgemini and Guidewire for a one-hour webcast on Sept. 27, 2012 where speakers will discuss:

    • Industry drivers of core system decisions
    • Range of transformation approaches
    • Lessons learned from successful and unsuccessful initiatives
    • Evaluating the risk of core system initiatives
    • Replacement in the context of long-term architectural planning

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