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Featured Speakers:
  • Jan Gilg,  Jan Gilg, Value Architect, SAP Value Engineering

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Business Networks: Reduce the Cost of B2B Integration and Information Exchange

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    An expanding network can be good for business. But at roughly $10,000 each, building point-to-point software connections to enable trade with business partners can be expensive. There's a more cost effective way to connect your business network - the cloud-based SAP Information Interchange OnDemand solution.

    View SAP's Jan Gilg for an insightful Webcast to learn about:
    • The role of Business Networks in reducing the cost of B2B connectivity
    • What Business Networks are and how companies can use them
    • How using SAP Information Interchange OnDemand saves your company money
    • How SAP Information Interchange OnDemand can help manage your B2B complexity and change
    • IT takeaways and recommendation for making IT an invaluable partner in B2B transactional environments for the line of business executives


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