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A Dr. Dobb's Webcast

New approaches to Systems Engineering and Embedded Software Development

Duration: 60 minutes

Leaders with Embedded systems development lifecycle management solutions speak out on new approaches available today in developing advanced products and systems. Topics include:

  • Systems Engineering - Expanding the value of systems engineering with lifecycle integration and collaboration support.
  • Compliance efficiency by Industry - Process guidance for more efficiently achieving industry-specific compliance requirements.
  • Linked data - How this Web inspired approach is making it easier to use lifecycle tools in combination.
  • Applying Linked Data for Lifecycle Traceability - Guidance on new ways to view and query linked data. Plus: How these new capabilities can enhance existing workflows.
  • Systems Engineering Metrics - Definition of key measures covering major lifecycle management / ALM domains. Plus: How to gather and present the data.
  • Cross Lifecycle Reporting - New tool mentors on document generation as well as example templates for creating cross product specifications and reports.
  • Quality Management - New tool mentors describing how to get the best out of the new OSLC Requirements Management and Quality Management integration.
  • Open Systems for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) - What's new in OSLC integrations, and why this matters now more than ever.

This webcast will feature the IBM Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering for delivering the capabilities described, including IBM Rational DOORS for requirements management.

  Featured Speakers:

Sue Green,
Systems Marketing Manager

Ben Williams,
Senior Product Manager

Adrian Whitfield,
Solution Manager,
Industries: A&D, Auto, Security

Andrew Foster, Offering Manager,
WW Solutions for Systems & Software Engineering

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