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Featured Speakers:
  • Benjamin Wyrick,  Director, North American Business Operations, VASCO Data Security
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    A Dark Reading Webcast:

    Strong Authentication: Transforming BYOD challenge to BYOD opportunity

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Mobile security and BYOD practices are front and center on many IT agendas nowadays. Many CISOs and IT professionals look at the BYOD trend as a pure challenge. Certainly, figuring out how to inventory personal devices, secure the end-points, and enforce policies for data protection and compliance is not an easy task.

    But as challenging as the BYOD practice may seem, there is good news too. The BYOD movement is a perfect opportunity for enterprises and SMBs to enable or improve user access security with strong authentication, especially in situations where it was costly and impractical before. From home computers and laptops to cellphones and PDAs, each and every device your users bring to work can essentially turn into their strong authentication tool. Users are becoming more capable of making choices regarding how and when they work and enabling them to do so in a secure and convenient manner goes a long way. After all, authentication and identity management doesn't have to be hard: you can offer your employees a better end-user experience.

    In this session, our mobile security experts will discuss how today's enterprises and SMBs can embrace BYOD as a means of improving employee access security and compliance.

    Our presenters will discuss topics such as:

    • Mobile projects in the enterprise and security challenges
    • The BYOD phenomenon
    • How to use the BYOD trend to your advantage
    • Identity assurance with strong authentication
    • The user centric authentication model in practice
    • Guidelines for picking the right authentication solution


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