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Featured Speakers:
  • Katherine Burger,  Editorial Director, Insurance & Technology, Bank Systems & Technology, UBM TechWeb
  • Tom Roberts,  Principal Consultant, Doculabs
  • Trevor Crane,  Vertical Sales Manager, Insurance; GMC Software Technology
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    An Insurance & Technology Webcast:

    How Insurers Can Future Proof Their Next Customer Communication Management Investment

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    As insurance companies grapple with a number of high-priority challenges - including constantly changing regulations, the emergence of new channels such as mobile and social media, and the need to improve customer engagement and retention – the need for a modern, integrated and flexible customer communications management (CCM) system has never been so acute. Because insurers' ability to produce and distribute targeted, relevant multichannel customer communications have been hampered by siloed legacy systems that cannot meet today's demands for speed, scalability and flexibility, the industry has seen increased investment in new CCM-related systems. However, due to restrictions in the scope of capabilities of some of these offerings, or adoption of limited "use case" focused solutions, many insurers end up perpetuating the "legacy cycle" due to inevitable future migration or upgrade requirements.

    Registrants Will Receive two GMC Software Technology Briefs

    Life and Annuity
    Application Brief

    Property and Casualty
    Application Brief

    In today's environment of tight budgets, strict deliverables, and tougher, more transparent governance, investing in a CCM solution with dependencies around use case and workflow, data and integration, communication output channel or IT technical resources is a non-starter. But with CCM becoming an increasingly critical aspect of insurers' compliance and customer experience efforts, what can they do to "future proof" these investments and avoid creating a new generation of legacy systems that will need to eventually be replaced?

    At this free one-hour webcast, moderated by Insurance & Technology editorial director Kathy Burger, you will learn how a single-platform, output channel-agnostic CCM solution simplifies the complexities carriers face in providing the relevant, compliant and personalized communications insurers need to compete cost-efficiently. See how a "future-proofed," flexible CCM solution that is not rigidly connected to any previous architecture, data or channel output dependencies not only guarantees that new data, channel outputs and technical requirements can be adapted easily, but also helps insurers avoid perpetuating the legacy cycle. At the same time, they are in a better position to quickly respond to market forces with timely, personalized communications that help acquire and retain customers.

    • Deliver customer communications via the preferred channel, regardless of the medium.
    • Leverage existing infrastructure, formats, processes and data flows.
    • Lower total cost of ownership and reduce dependency on IT resources.
    • Reduce risk and improve compliance; support regulatory filings and changing regulations.
    • Ensure customer engagement and retention.


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