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Featured Speakers:
  • Eric Bruno,  Principal, Allure Technology, Inc.
  • Billy Bosworth,  CEO, DataStax
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    Bridging the Great Divide - The relationship of RDBMS and NoSQL

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    In this session, Billy Bosworth, CEO of DataStax, will cover the key challenges faced by those with a relational mindset when it comes to considering NoSQL technologies. There are two great risks involved with assessing the need for a NoSQL solution: The first is to treat NoSQL technology like something from another planet that has no theoretical or practical relationship to RBDMS technology. The second is to assume that it is just another new technology that can be quickly prototyped and tested en route to extremely fast adoption for mission critical applications. Both extremes have already led to a lot of confusion and pain. To avoid such pitfalls, Billy will first walk through a brief history of the NoSQL movement, explaining why this technology arose in the first place. Then he will take a practical look at how to discern when RDBMS technology may not be the best choice for an application. And lastly, he will offer some advice on how to choose the right NoSQL technology for a given project.


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