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A Dark Reading Webcast:

The IBM End-to-End Mainframe Security Solution Overview

Duration: 60 minutes

When many people think about mainframes today, they imagine an out-dated and little-used enterprise infrastructure. But the reality is that about 65 percent of all worldwide business data and 90 percent of all mission critical business applications still resides on the mainframe.

In the past, mainframes tended to be used within a very secure, isolated environment. Today, in the era of open networks, the mainframe cannot really trust the user who typically accesses the application through a web browser. In addition, there are complex service oriented architecture applications that basically have a chain of computers touching the request before it hits the back-end system. This complexity is compounded with the use of cloud platforms where the user could be several tiers away.

Attacks are getting more and more sophisticated. Hackers are out to steal information rather than the sabotage with denial of service attacks. Now you have organized crime with very skilled hackers and they are inventing more attack vectors than anyone can patch.

Mainframes are high profile targets for these professional hackers because they contain valuable data. Hackers could access the mainframe through a protocol like an FTP or HTTP, inject a malicious SQL command, and the mainframes have limited defense capabilities.

This presentation will review IBM best practices to apply defense in depth to address security problems facing mainframes organizations.

Featured Speakers:


Brian Blackshaw,
Security Systems Strategy Team,


Andy Nietupski,
zSecurity Worldwide Sales,


Glinda Cummings,
Security zSecure Product Manager,


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