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Featured Speakers:
  • Manoj Porwal,  Product Manager, MajescoMastek
  • Mark Sheehan,  Assistant Vice President, ISO
  • Karlyn Carnahan ,  Principal, Novarica
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    An Insurance & Technology Webcast:

    P&C Carriers - Better Speed to Market and Regulatory Compliance with ISO ERC

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Historically carriers have found it extremely difficult to keep their product offerings updated with ISO updates, with as many as 2500 circulars every year and significant manual effort required to apply each of these circulars, carriers had no choice. However with the launch of ISO Electronic Rating Content service from ISO and vendor offerings around automation of ISO ERC consumption in product modeler, P&C carriers now have an opportunity to make quicker adjustment to their ISO based products for market reality as well as regulatory compliance.

    Join us to learn how ISO ERC can help you:

      1. Significantly reduce the time and effort required for implementing periodic ISO updates
      2. Optimize Pricing Models
      3. Improve regulatory compliance
      4. Reduce dependency on IT with automated ERC consumption


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