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Featured Speakers:
  • Scott Crawford,  Managing Research Director – Security & Risk Management, Enterprise Management Associates
  • Michelle Johnson Cobb,  VP, Worldwide Marketing, Skybox Security

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Is Your Vulnerability Management Program Irrelevant? Steps To Turn Vulnerability Management Into An Effective Part of Your Security Process.

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Effective security programs get funding. Irrelevant ones do not. While most enterprises and government agencies spend considerable time and energy on vulnerability assessment and remediation activities, it’s clear that security teams struggle to demonstrate the value of vulnerability management programs in minimizing the chance of a data breach or cyber attack. Yet experts agree – when vulnerabilities are identified, prioritized, and mitigated frequently and effectively, security managers can focus attention on the most urgent security risks and reduce risk exposure significantly, before a breach by hackers or malware.

    In this webcast, Scott Crawford from Enterprise Management Associates and Michelle Johnson Cobb of Skybox Security will explore the factors that differentiate an effective VM program from one that is mainly a waste of time. We will discuss new strategies to ensure that vulnerability data is current and accurate with fewer headaches and disruptions, develop a remediation strategy that works, and make vulnerability management an essential part of daily change management processes.

    Attendees of this webcast will learn how to:

    • Link vulnerability discovery, risk-based prioritization, and remediation activities to effectively mitigate risks before exploitation.
    • Build a remediation strategy that addresses ‘unpatchable’ systems
    • Minimize change management headaches by anticipating unintended impacts due to system and application interdependencies.
    • Use metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s) like remediation latency to track effectiveness of the vulnerability management program.


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