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Featured Speakers:
  • Chester Wisniewski,  Senior Security Advisor, Sophos
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    A Dark Reading Webcast:

    Exposing the Money Behind Malware

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Today’s cybercriminals are driven by one thing—money. They use many techniques to sell products, steal login details, install ransomware and more to monetize their activity. The bad guys must take many steps for the entire process to work and every step along the way is another opportunity for us to break the chain.

    Join Chet Wisniewski, Senior Security Advisor at Sophos to learn about latest threats and how these criminals are making money by compromising your computer and data.He’ll discuss:

    • How cybercrime works
    • The money behind the malware
    • The cybercriminals network
    • Threat protection strategies

    Register today and be prepared for tomorrow.


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