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Featured Speakers:
  • Stephen Vilke,  CTO & Co-Founder Framehawk, Inc.

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Confessions of a CTO: 7 Dos and Don’ts for Bringing Your Enterprise Apps to the iPad

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Your employees have their own iPads – now they want to access enterprise applications. How should IT help? Despite obvious positives, there are some big gotchas to overcome to make enterprise mobility a reality – security, cost, and performance to name a few.

    Attend this live webcast to hear straight talk from IT veteran Stephen Vilke, a current CTO and former CIO, on decisions that IT must make today on mobile device and data security, cost-effective application delivery, and trade-offs around user experience. Hear how to implement a BYOD strategy and handle the rapid pace of change in mobile adoption, while avoiding the big mistakes.

    Stephen will offer no-holds-barred commentary about the dos and don'ts of bringing your existing applications to tablets like the iPad. Stephen has spent decades in IT tackling security, application development, and mobility challenges. In addition, he spent the early part of his career at NASA, working on communication with distant spacecraft, and brings some new perspectives to the challenges that enterprises currently have incorporating mobile devices.

    In this webcast, Stephen will outline why saying "yes" to tablet usage is not simple, but very possible with the right set of strategic choices. Stephen will cover some of the important decisions you need to make related to mobile app deployment, data access, support, security, network complexity, device management, operating system diversity, and total cost of ownership (TCO). Stephen will examine how even business-level decision makers – gung-ho about the iPad and other tablets – must look closely at organizational changes they will need to make in hardware, software, support and training, and the close partnership required with IT.

    This webcast will provide highlights from Stephen's suggestions and experience, as well as some direct commentary on key issues for enterprise mobility. Some of the issues he will cover include:

    • How to apply the lessons enterprises learned (good and bad) from managing laptops to mobility
    • How mobile user experience, if done right, can drastically decrease support costs
    • How perfect is the enemy of done, and what to do about it when mobilizing enterprise applications
    • What is the "killer app" for enterprise mobility, and how can IT deliver it?

    During the presentation, Stephen will answer live questions from the audience as time permits.


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