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Featured Speakers:
  • Lisa Valentine,  Contributing Editor, Bank Systems & Technology
  • Sasi Mudigonda,  Senior Product Manager,Oracle
  • Shirley Inscoe,  Senior Analyst, Aite Group
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    A Bank Systems & Technology Webcast:

    Delivering on Real-time and Cross-Channel Fraud Detection: Effectively Responding to Increasing Velocity and Channels

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Customers are embracing new delivery channels such as mobile and new products such as electronic check presentment and online transactions passing through ACH and wire systems while continuing to use traditional branch, telephone and ATM banking. In this multi-channel world, customers demand that transactions occur fast and in real-time so that, for example, transactions conducted at the ATM are immediately reflected in their mobile banking app.

    The ability to bank from multiple channels in real-time is good news for customers. Unfortunately, it's also good news for fraudsters.

    Banking continues to evolve to a multi-channel, real-time environment and fraud and financial crimes are evolving as well. Threats come from many different access points and from more products than ever before. The increasing speed of transactions provides more opportunities for criminals to commit fraud.

    It's no longer adequate to protect against fraud by individual product or delivery channel. Banks need the ability to look across all channels in real-time to identify threats. Failing to do so makes banks vulnerable to new, sophisticated types of cross-channel fraud that can have a devastating impact on their reputations and their customers. In addition, regulators are imploring banks to adopt a more holistic approach to real-time cross-channel fraud detection and prevention.

    A real-time environment shrinks banks’ window of opportunity for fraud prevention and detection. The key is to establish an integrated, layered approach to fraud that can protect against threats as they occur across channels and products, and even can predict where a threat is likely.

    Join Oracle and Bank Systems & Technology to discuss how banks can address the challenges of multi-channel fraud in a real-time environment. Topics include:

    • What's unique about cross-channel fraud and why siloed approaches to fraud detection don’t work.
    • Steps in assessing your current fraud detection environment and what to consider when evaluating fraud detection solutions.
    • Standardizing investigation processes and financial and loss reporting across all channels.
    • Using analytics to detect sophisticated fraud schemes.
    • Integrating real-time cross-channel fraud detection into an overall governance, risk and compliance strategy.


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