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Featured Speakers:
  • Nathan Golia,  Associate Editor, Insurance & Technology
  • Mike Fitzgerald,  Senior Analyst, Insurance, Celent
  • Jennifer Wilson,  Solutions Marketing Manager, Interactive Intelligence

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    An Insurance & Technology Webcast:

    Better Policyholder Experience Through the Voice of the Customer

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Many insurance companies - of all sizes and representing all lines of business - are scrambling to increase their investments in the customer experience. But there's no reason to do so blind. Policyholders are more than willing to tell the companies with which they do business exactly how they want to be communicated with. Insurance companies have the opportunity to learn from their customers' preferences which technologies best streamline and expand policyholder communications - leading to increased customer retention.

    In this Webcast, moderated by I&T associate editor Nathan Golia and featuring Celent senior analyst Mike Fitzgerald and Jennifer Wilson of Interactive Intelligence, the voice of the customer will be revealed. Find out what insurance customers value most when it comes to their insurance companies' technological prowess and why, including:

    • The value of an innovative reputation
    • Just how important pricing is
    • Why robust web services beat a "me too" approach


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