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Featured Speakers:
  • Jon Rant,  InformationWeek Financial Services
  • Andrew Hillier,  CTO, Co-founder, CiRBA
  • Fred Darnell,  Cloud Computing Environment Adoption Leader, Bank of America
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    An InformationWeek Financial Services Webcast:

    Bank of America's Journey to the Cloud:
    Lessons learned to ensure your Private Cloud is efficient, low risk, and meets business needs.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Bank of America is mid-way through building one of world's largest private clouds that will house over 100,000 of the banks' workloads. With an environment of this size and many critical business services, the team has encountered and addressed just about every possible scenario and potential pitfall in moving their infrastructure over to a private cloud.

    Join Fred Darnell, Cloud Computing Environment Adoption Leader of Bank of America, and Andrew Hillier, CTO and co-Founder of CiRBA, as they explore best practices and the role of predictive analytics in controlling infrastructure requirements and migrating both physical and virtual workloads into a private cloud. The focus of this live Webcast will be to discuss strategies and methods that organizations need to adopt in order to significantly reduce infrastructure costs while ensuring service levels, operational, business and regulatory requirements are met.

    Also in this session, Mr. Darnell will outline the essential elements of a successful P2C process. Highlights include:

    • The role of policy in decision-making and its impact on risk and cost
    • How to leverage analytics to meet your density goals and identify problematic workloads
    • How to gain application owner buy-in
    • How to manage the onboarding process and maintain optimal density after the transformation


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