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Featured Speakers:
  • Dan Carcone,  Director, Cloud Security, Imperva
  • Steve Kovsky,  Contributing Editor, InformationWeek
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    An InformationWeek Webcast
    Protecting High-Value Data in a Post-Firewall World


    Duration: 60 minutes

    The days of businesses carrying out their operations with relative impunity behind an impregnable network firewall are over -- if they ever really existed at all. Sophisticated cyber attacks such SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) can quickly exploit Web vulnerabilities while Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) can immediately render a Website or network completely unavailable.

    Traditional network-level defenses at least provided the illusion of security, until very recently. Unfortunately, even that false sense of security has been punctured as many of our nation's most respected private and public institutions -- including a number of the most heavily fortified ".gov" and ".mil" domains -- have suffered massive data breaches.

    The question has to be asked: If these blue-chip organizations are unable to defend against today's increasingly sophisticated attacks, what hope is there for smaller companies and organizations that are still relying on conventional network firewalls? The answer lies in an entirely new approach to security in the post-firewall era -- one that relies on protecting our most important data assets "where they live," which is within the specific applications that collect, store, and serve our precious data resources.

    In this webcast, brought to you by InformationWeek and Imperva, you'll hear from world-class experts in the field of cybersecurity, discussing how organizations of all sizes can effectively and affordable protect themselves and their high-value data from constantly-evolving attacks in today's post-firewall world.

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