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An IBM Webcast:

Real-Time Transactional Scoring: How to Do it Better, Faster with Less Expense

Duration: 60 mintues

Business growth is attained by attracting new customers and expanding your footprint with existing customers though a combination of cross-selling and up-selling new products and services. This growth must be balanced with the capability to improve fraud detection and deliver better customer service. Maximizing growth while limiting exposure to fraud requires insight into all customer interactions as they are happening so those interactions can be applied to today's interaction with historical behavioral patterns to determine the best course of action for right now. Today, many customers are exploring the possibility of scoring their data in real-time but are unable to proceed due to the technical limitations of how the scoring of new transactional data must be handled. Being dependent on a real-time web services call/response can result in much higher costs, not to mention the possible impact to service levels with network bandwidth limitations. By incorporating the scoring algorithms directly within the transactional application, you will have better insight into customer behavior at the point of interaction — at a price point you can afford.

With approximately seventy percent of all data transactions in banking, insurance, retail, telecommunications, utilities and government occurring on the IBM zEnterprise platform, with its unparalleled qualities of service and performance, organizations have an opportunity to change the game with real-time scoring. Join us for this complimentary webcast and learn about new technology introduced by IBM that embeds IBM SPSS® Modeler scoring algorithms directly into IBM DB2® for z/OS® transactional data, making the possibility of leveraging real-time scoring in your organization a viable option. Our solution enables the real-time scoring of new transactional data as it is created, resulting in decision-making with greater accuracy and efficiency, while ensuring that you can continue to deliver upon your service level agreements.

Join us after the webcast for a live question-and-answer session. The webcast will also be available for replay after the event.

Featured Speaker

Rebecca Wormleighton,
Senior Marketing Manager,
Business Analytics on zEnterprise, IBM Software Group


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