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An InformationWeek Government Webcast:

Bring the power of virtualization to mission critical application delivery

InformationWeek Webcast

Duration: 60 minutes

Every agency is under pressure to reduce costs while at the same time increasing the amount of development. Legal and regulatory changes, mobile directives, enterprise modernization, and technology upgrades have to be implemented to meet end user and constituent needs. Agencies can meet these new challenges with fewer resources if they eliminate the not-so-hidden cost escalators. Correct defects earlier, allow development and testing to work in parallel, get rid of delays and rework caused by components not ready for testing, and lower the cost and labor associated with the development and test environments.

Featured Speaker

Peter Cole,
Director for Quality Management,
IBM Rational

Join us to learn how service virtualization can "bend the cost curve" with more agility and less risk. The power of virtualization has moved from the data center floor to mission delivery with new service virtualization reduce the cost of developing and sustaining the complex, integrated systems that are critical for agency programs and operations.


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