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Featured Speakers:
  • Robby Dick,  Technical Marketing Manager for BMC Control-M, BMC Software Inc.

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Connecting IT Workload Automation to Business:
    Collaboration Reaps Big Benefits

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Connecting IT Workload Automation to Business:
    Collaboration Reaps Big Rewards

    IT workload automation has turned into a team sport. Schedulers can’t work alone anymore. They must work collaboratively with a variety of IT professionals such as application developers, database administrators, IT operators and even business users in order for workflows to be properly defined, scheduled and maintained.

    But how does that collaboration occur today? Traditionally, communication has been disjointed – a mismatch of phone calls and emails that often add up to inefficient communications. In the end, it often takes a lot of iterative work to get to the finish line. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

    In this webcast learn how you can:

    • Create a collaborative work environment using BMC Control-M to simplify defining and maintaining workflows.
    • Share your workflow definitions with constituents and let them modify or review as needed.
    • Build shared knowledge and expertise as teams work together to define how to deliver needed services.
    • Share the state and status of workflows with constituents and stakeholders as they execute.


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