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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Preventing Costly Network Outages in Today's Mobile and Cloud World

Duration: 60 minutes

Do a quick Google search on "network outages" and you'll see how they have affected and continue to affect companies of all shapes and sizes. These stories illustrate how network outages hit the business hard; lost revenue, impacts to brand, customer satisfaction, employee productivity losses…this list goes on.

Why are network outages happening more frequently?

That answer is rather simple. The world has changed and everyone needs to connect ANY TIME, ANY WHERE, ANY PLACE from ANY DEVICE. Enterprise Networks are no longer static; changing to support cloud, virtualization, mobility, increased data volume, wireless connectivity, video conferencing, VOIP, cameras, and other non-IT devices. This phenomenon is putting great pressure on the network.

Up to this point, the network infrastructure is what we all have taken for granted because it's like the wiring, plumbing, heating, gas lines, and water lines in our house. We don't see it, we kind of know it's there but without it, life just doesn't work the same.

Featured Speakers:
Mark Simpson Mark Simpson,
Tivoli Asia Pacific CTO and WW Director, Netcool Development, IBM
Larry Keryc Larry Keryc,
IBM Business Unit Executive, Network Management Solutions
Ciaran Ryan Ciaran Ryan,
Product Manager, IBM Tivoli Network Management

So, how do you prevent the network from going down? You must have Visibility, Control and Automation over your network.

How do you do that? Attend this roundtable discussion webcast to learn how to:

  • Find and See the Network: discover your network infrastructure and get end-to-end visualization of your entire network infrastructure (both physical & virtual).
  • Fix the network: root cause analysis to reduce the noise (error messages being sent to the system operators) and find the actionable events to pro-actively fix before the network goes down.
  • Automate the network: automate network configuration changes and the provisioning of network services based on the network errors you find so they don't happen again.
  • Secure the Network: Continuous evaluation of network configuration compliance against industry standards and best practices


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