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An IBM Webcast:

Technology Economics with Linux Consolidation

Duration: 60 minutes

Enterprise Linux Server - More utilization, less complexity and costs.

Underutilized data center assets can quickly run up costs. On top of the space and energy they require, there's the additional administrative and software expenses. The more components you have the more complex your system can become.

A standard virtualized platform may appear to be an answer, but for organizations running Linux, there's a more cost-effective solution - IBM® zEnterprise Linux Server®.

Built with an advanced z/VM® O/S, this platform is designed to offer greater TCO for large-scale consolidation, better service quality, built-in resiliency and easy-to-use functionality.

Join the webcast to learn more about this flexible, robust solution and see how it can:

  • Handle today's ever-changing and increasing workloads
  • Transform IT economics and save you up to 50% in costs
  • Provide the agility and performance to give you leverage in your marketplace
  • Help you master your technology to get a better ROI

Featured Speakers:

Joe Clabby,
Clabby Analytics

David Marts,


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