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Featured Speakers:
  • Steve Kovsky,  Contributing Editor: InformationWeek/TechWeb
  • Adam Sand,  Associate General Counsel,
  • Joanne Furtsch,  Director of Product Policy, TRUSTe

    TRUSTe Privacy Policy

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    Balancing The Use Of Collected Data With Respecting Privacy

    Duration: 60 minutes

    It is a balancing act and your clients expect you to make the correct decision and "do the right thing" 100% of the time regarding their personally identifiable information (PII).

    It does not matter how large or well known your company may or may not be. Likewise, it does not matter what products or services you offer. If you are collecting and storing your client or potential client data you will—like so many others—be held responsible if you violate their trust.

    Please join Adam Sand, Ancestry’s Legal Counsel, and Joanne Furtsch, TRUSTe’s Director of Product Policy, as they share their expertise, tips and tools on how you can proactively protect your client personal information, build trust among clients, and prevent your organization from data mishaps.

    Attend this webcast to learn about best practices and how to incorporate Privacy by Design Principles for building data privacy:

    • Collection limitation and use minimization: Assess how much data you really need to collect in order to grow your business and the purposes for collecting it.
    • Access and storage: Who should be authorized to access personally identifiable information (PII) and how long
    • Onward transfer: Additional legal requirements pertaining to the transferring of data crossing international boundaries and understanding the obligation associated with collected data
    • Actual practices: Get the ultimate tips and tools about building a long-term plan on managing sensitive client data and avoid legal mishaps.

    If your job function is Marketing, Online Marketing, Privacy and/or Risk Management, IT Information Services, or others that are relevant to data collection, this webcast is a must-attend event. You shall learn the key ingredients, enabling you to be more effective in your daily operations.


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