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Featured Speakers:
  • Steve Kovsky,  Contributing Editor, InformationWeek/TechWeb
  • Phil Owens,  Senior Sales Engineer, GFI
  • Mike Davis,  CISSP, Platform Chief Engineer, SPAWAR
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    A Dark Reading Webcast:

    Security To Protect Vs. BYOD, Constant Software Updates

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Enterprise IT faces a big security challenge from two forces every day: continuous software updates pushed to end users automatically, and proliferation of smart devices (think BYOD) with their own unique software configurations and update practices.

    Hackers are striving to exploit these openings at all times, requiring extreme security diligence on the part of IT.

    Attend this webcast to learn:

    • How increased commitment cyber hygiene will make it harder for the bad guys to hack systems and steal your data
    • The latest in antivirus technologies that can automate patching and keep your systems up to date
    • Why you must include mobile device management in your security framework

    Register now if you’re an IT decision maker or security practitioner in a mid-size company, you can’t miss the insights we’ll deliver in this webcast.


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