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An Insurance & Technology Webcast:

A New Approach to Fighting Insurance Fraud

Duration: 60 minutes

Preventing, detecting and prosecuting fraud has always been a moving target in the insurance industry - advances in technology have provided insurance companies with increasingly advanced capabilities for fighting fraud, but at the same time they've also enabled the fraudsters to come up with new ways to perpetrate their crimes. What are the best practices for insurers to get their arms around "big data" and leverage leading-edge technologies that can help insurance firms stay ahead of the fraudsters?

Join us for a one hour Webcast to learn how new approaches to fraud management are helping reduce losses and operational costs and risks through automation and analytics. We will show you the new techniques and technology to effectively manage fraud risk throughout the entire life cycle, from fraud identification and investigation, through to pro-active fraud prevention.

At this event you will learn how to:

  • Gain a more effective view of enterprise risks and threats
  • Move to a more effective model for identifying potential fraud
  • Reduce costs and gain a 360-degree view of case file information with an advanced case management system
  • Understand the role of making sense of public data and social media in combating fraud
  • Gain technical capabilities that facilitate pro-active and reactive fraud investigations

Featured Speakers:

Jeff Douglas
Software Product Manager,
IM.Enterprise Content Management,

Joe Dzigiel
World Wide Industry Solutions Executive,
IBM Insurance Segment

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