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Featured Speakers:
  • Eric Bruno,  Principal, Allure Technology, Inc.
  • Tom Hayes,  Director, IT Management Products EMC
  • Robert Patrick,  Principal Technologist, Cloud and Infrastructure Services Compucom Systems, Inc
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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    EMC and CompuCom on Management of Virtualized and Cloud Architectures

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Enterprises, service providers, and government agencies are all moving to virtual data centers, or cloud architectures, or the new Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), to obtain all of the well-documented benefits: agility, efficiency, and cost control. But the move to these dynamic, virtualized, cloud architectures is creating new challenges for the management teams who are responsible for ensuring service availability and performance to the business.

    They have lost their ability to see their IT environment, track changes, and identify issues. Applications move, storage is virtualized, and when something goes wrong, it is much more difficult to identify the root cause? And their existing management tools and approaches are no longer sufficient. IT management teams are feeling very exposed! New management technology and capabilities are needed to help them do their jobs.

    During this Webcast, you will hear Robert Patrick, CompuCom's Principal Technologist of Cloud and Infrastructure Services, describe his experiences addressing these challenges, and Tom Hayes, EMC Product Director, outline the EMC solution framework. Robert and Tom will cover 3 key capabilities designed to address these new IT environments:

    1. Virtual Data Center Visibility, to see unparalleled line-of-sight in virtualized IT environments, from VMs to the underlying physical infrastructure. Understand interdependencies, including virtual networks, virtual switches, vMotion activity, VM impacts, and all VMware-attached storage.

    2. Configuration Management - to see all changes and deviations from approved configurations. Leverage policies to ensure desired configurations automatically remain compliant. Make device updates and corrections faster and easier, and eliminate the possibility of human error creating a service-impacting problem.

    3. Identify & Act - to identify the root cause of any issue. Quickly separate symptoms from problems so you can address the appropriate issue that's impacting application and service delivery. Determine risk conditions by seeing performance degradations and understanding dependencies-before business impact occurs.

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