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Featured Speakers:
  • Mike West,  Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Saugatuck Technology
  • Keith Swenson,  Vice President of Research and Development, Fujitsu America Inc.
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    An Information Week Webcast:

    Unleashing the Power of PaaS to Harness the Cloud

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) should be seen as a platform for innovation, agility, flexibility and leverage, rather than merely for application development.

    In this Webcast you will learn how PaaS can make a difference in your organization and how to best leverage its capabilities. Join Saugatuck Technology Distinguished Analyst Mike West and Fujitsu Chief Architect Keith Swenson as they discuss how PaaS will form the foundation for today's new loosely-coupled business services. Topics will include:

    • Harnessing the Cloud with PaaS
    • What is and is not PaaS
    • PaaS and the future of Clouds
    • Proven best practices for deploying PaaS solution


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