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Featured Speakers:
  • Will Stofega,  Program Director for Mobile Device Technology, IDC
  • Lori Sylvia,  EVP Marketing, Red Bend Software
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    A Light Reading Webinar:

    Get There Faster With Mobile Virtualization

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Virtualization technology is a game-changer that is accelerating innovation across the "Internet of things" -- from smartphones to feature phones, and from M2M devices to connected cars. In countries such as India and China, mobile virtualization enables OEMs to offer feature-rich devices at an affordable price point. In mature markets, it is enabling consumers to bring their own device (BYOD) to work without the associated security risks to the enterprise network and corporate intellectual property.

    IDC believes that the benefits of virtualization technology can be significant to manufacturers and operators, and that an unprecedented opportunity awaits in expanding use of virtualization beyond smartphones and tablets to the growing number of wirelessly connected devices, sensors, machines and automotive vehicles. IDC believes that by 2020, approximately 30 billion devices will be connected, each requiring cost-effective use of software and hardware resources, efficient integration with legacy systems, enhanced security and faster time to market. Mobile virtualization is the answer.

    This webinar brings together industry experts from IDC, ARM and Red Bend Software to discuss how virtualization technology is the key to accelerating innovation in next-generation smartphones, connected devices and automotive vehicles. The speakers present how mobile virtualization is used for:

    • Enterprise: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    • Automotive Industry: Faster Time to Market
    • Manufacturing: Extending Investment in Software
    • Consumers: Securing the Digital Life


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