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  • Stephen Vilke,  CTO & Co-Founder Framehawk, Inc.

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    An InformationWeek Webcast:

    How To Avoid Data Leakage from Mobile Enterprise Applications: Use The Cloud

    Duration: 60 Minutes

    Attend this live webcast to learn how to use cloud computing as a surprisingly effective technique to solve the security, performance, user experience, and cost issues plaguing enterprises in providing mobile access to enterprise applications today.

    You know the conventional wisdom: if you're using mobile devices, the best way to secure enterprise application data is some combination of locked-down devices and strong data security measures. However, both IT and users know the truth: these approaches ratchet up hidden costs while killing user experience and productivity, all in the name of avoiding data leakage.

    In the webcast, we'll show how IT can enable both secure application data and a UX that employees rave about through the use of a cloud-based architecture. You'll learn about:

    • New architectural ideas that mean you don't ever put any data on the mobile device
    • A better way for applications to communicate with tablets that's fast and secure – even over unreliable mobile networks
    • How smart use of the cloud can enable the security and usability required by enterprise mobility
    • How IT can enable BYOD and still maintain control
    • A way to future-proof your development and cost structure

    Reserve your seat today.


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