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An InformationWeek Webcast:

Cloud Perception vs. Reality - It's not TCO or TCA, it's the total cost of information that really counts

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Duration: 60 minutes

To compete in today's business environment, most IT departments know that the question is not if they will adopt cloud technology but rather when and how. The benefits of cloud solutions include elastic scalability, better availability, faster time to market and attractive "pay-as-you-go" pricing. But how much will it cost?

When evaluating platform choices for your cloud strategy, you likely consider such factors as TCO (total cost of ownership) or TCA (total cost of acquisition). But are you looking at the total cost of information (TCI)? By understanding the true cost of information when you choose your cloud platform, you can preserve your organization’s ability to fully leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

In this webcast, you’ll hear from industry leaders and forward thinking analysts on the following topics:

  • Trends and what’s new in cloud computing
  • Factors that contribute to the cost of information to your business
  • Why your platform choice can affect the amount of business benefits your organization will experience when adopting a cloud strategy
  • loud platform comparisons including cost, security and manageability

Featured Speakers:

Terry Keene
Terry Keene,

Barry Cohen
Barry Cohen,
Edison Group


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