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Featured Speakers:
  • Kathy Burger,  Editorial Director
  • Karlyn Carnahan,  Principal, Novarica
  • Jose Tribuzio,  Founder and CEO, Systema Software

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    An Insurance & Technology Webcast:

    Leveraging Business Intelligence & Data Analytics to Improve Claim Results

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Today, business intelligence (BI) tools have the power to revolutionize the insurance industry’s ability to analyze claims data and predict claims-related trends. For example, insight derived from multi-dimensional data cubes and power views, which have the ability to pre-aggregate data and utilize multiple data dimensions, all serve to strengthen insurers’ ability to “slice and dice” information with accelerated speed and performance. What once took months or years to compile, analyze, and deduce now takes a matter of seconds. This translates into the ability to gain immediate insights from claims activities in order to reduce costs, minimize risk and improve future results. 

    Furthermore, with predictive models added into the mix, insurers can pinpoint the true drivers behind costs, fraud, litigation and duration and apply proactive strategies to target and manage these cases. In today’s fast-moving, real-time competitive environment, insurance companies that do not avail themselves of the opportunity to apply BI tools to their claims businesses may miss vital opportunities to enhance operations and their bottom line.

    At this free, one-hour webcast, co-hosted by Insurance & Technology and Systema Software, you will learn how business intelligence and data analytics can help insurance companies improve the performance of their claims management strategies by facilitating critical data analysis that increases profitability, reduces loss adjustment expenses and enhances customer satisfaction.

    • Making the business case for investments in claims administration modernization.
    • Success factors: Optimizing investments in BI and data analytics.
    • Building on insights for resource and workflow optimization so costly claims exceptions, such as those with a high risk for fraud or litigation, are managed more effectively 
    • Operationalizing loss trends through business rules, which help to facilitate proactive management and loss-control strategies

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