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Featured Speakers:
  • Anthony O'Donnell,  Executive Editor, Insurance & Technology, UBM Tech
  • Paul Puccini,  Head of BPS, P&C Insurance, North America, Tata Consultancy Services
  • Donald Light,  Director, Americas Property/Casualty Practice Insurance, Celent
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    An Insurance & Technology Live Webcast:

    Sustaining Growth in the Digital Era - Business Process as Competitive Advantage

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Success in the insurance marketplace continues to require carriers to do more while spending less. While domestic economic factors make growth and even retention challenging, cultural factors such as technology, consumerization and social media are rapidly changing customer expectations. Insurers need greater business agility than ever to deliver new products and services to new customers in new markets, and yet they are challenged to find the resources to do so.

    To overcome this dilemma, insurers are deepening their exploration of business process services outsourcing (BPS). Where IT outsourcing presented a fairly straightforward cost-arbitrage proposition, BPS has the potential to enable insurers to engage in strategic partnerships whose success is measured not by cost-reduction but by positive business value. BPS provides some of the classic benefits of business process re-engineering, but it also has the potential to enable carriers to quickly scale up capabilities directed toward changing business priorities and emerging market trends without having to build-out and maintain new supporting process infrastructure.

    During this one-hour webcast, you will learn how insurers have leveraged BPO partnerships to:

    • Accelerate successful business transformation initiatives
    • Enhance customer retention through an improved customer experience
    • Speed penetration of new and existing customer bases using analytics
    • Reconfigure existing processes to a more customer-centric environment
    • Liberate high-value employees from performing low-value administrative tasks
    • Focus resources on strategy and business outcomes rather than just process engineering
    • Manage and measure success through the lens of “business outcome"


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